Important Characters in Heroes of Old

In the Present:

Jack Larocque: An aging history professor, he comes under attack by a ruthless assassin when he discovers that the mysterious library he has been secretly protecting once belonged to the fabled Knights Templar.
John Larocque: Jack’s son, he is the most successful homicide detective in the Phoenix PD’s history. When his gift for divining lies and truth inexplicably goes sour, his reputation and career begin to crumble. After finding his father’s body at the bottom of the basement stairs, he must choose to obey the law or become a vigilante to save his family and protect his dead father’s secret.
Jackie Larocque: Nineteen year-old daughter of John, she struggles to live with her own gift; an ability that has made her a recluse who chooses her friends very carefully. When the lives of her father and Tom, her only friend, are threatened, she is forced to come to grips with the truth of who she is, knowing it will forever change her.
Slade Lassiter: A demented killer, he discovers Jack’s library and will stop at nothing to uncover the Larocque family secret.

In 1314 AD:

Robert: The greatest swordsman of his day. Hiding from his enemies, he lives the quiet life of a blacksmith with his daughter Elizabeth, dreading the day when he will be forced to reenter the world and face the sins of his past.
Elizabeth: Only sixteen years old, incredibly she is already showing potential to be as good with a sword as Robert, her father.
Shadow: An experienced woodsman and tracker, he uncovers Duke Ferdinand’s plot to seize the throne and flees to Robert for safety.
Mère: A captive at Duke Ferdinand’s castle, she finds a way to send a message summoning help for the young women being held there who call her mother.
Edward: Robert’s gaudily dressed, promiscuous cousin. One of the few who knows Robert is alive, he unwittingly exposes Robert, forcing him out of hiding.