Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Spot

Ever wonder why there is a red splotch on the leather-bound journal on the cover art of Heroes of Old? Hint: Read Chapter 38–Heroic Deeds.

News about Heroes of Old:

The first week of September Heroes of Old will be available for the Nook and iBooks, and many other e-readers. It will be available at Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and e-book retailers everywhere through smashwords.

Todd goes live!

Have you read Heroes of Old and found that you enjoyed it so much that you would like to read more? I’ve got great news: is now live.

At Professor “The Bowtie” Carroll’s website (remember Jackie’s history professor?) you will find The Slap, his translation of his distant relative‚Äôs account of the Outrage of Anagni, just like Jackie Larocque did in Chapter 79 of Heroes of Old.