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The Smashwords Edition

Got a Nook or an iPad? Been wishing you could read Heroes of Old in iBooks or on your Nook? You’re dream has come true. The Smashwords edition is complete, uploaded, and part of the Smashwords premium catalog.

At Heroes of Old is available for the following eReaders: Kindle, Apple iPad/iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, and most e-reading apps including Stanza, Aldiko, Adobe Digital Editions.

Or download Heroes of Old for the Kobo eReader directly from Kobo at:

Or download Heroes of Old for the Nook directly from Barnes and Noble at:

Or download Heroes of Old for the iBooks app in the iBookstore today!

News about Heroes of Old:

The first week of September Heroes of Old will be available for the Nook and iBooks, and many other e-readers. It will be available at Barnes and Noble, the iBookstore, and e-book retailers everywhere through smashwords.

Todd goes live!

Have you read Heroes of Old and found that you enjoyed it so much that you would like to read more? I’ve got great news: is now live.

At Professor “The Bowtie” Carroll’s website (remember Jackie’s history professor?) you will find The Slap, his translation of his distant relative‚Äôs account of the Outrage of Anagni, just like Jackie Larocque did in Chapter 79 of Heroes of Old.


Going Social

Holy crap, I’m on facebook!

I read once that shy readers don’t sell many books. Though I am a bit of an introvert by nature, I am by no means shy. And now that the hard part is done (writing my first novel: Heroes of Old), it’s time for me to start promoting. That’s right. I’m going social! (And still trying to figure out why facebook thinks I just got married only yesterday.)

Visit the Heroes of Old facebook page and like it!

Visit and follow me! Then add Heroes of Old to your bookself and give it a review.

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Buy Heroes of Old for your Kindle. If you like it, please leave a review telling me how much you enjoyed it.